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Hydraulic Ironworker

Hycules Ironworkers allows two operators to use these ironworkers simultaneously in 5 workstations: Punching, Notching, Shearing Flat Bars, Angle Cutting, and Shearing Round and Square Bars.

Ironworker Machine has 5 stations:
  • Punch hole
  • Cut angle bar
  • Cut round and square bar , channel bar and I-beam
  • Shearing plate
  • Notching
Ironworker Machine is widely used in:
  1. Steel structure processing
  2. Elevator car and parts processing
  3. Trailer—spare tires, trailer hinges, plate hooks, inserts, and wall plates
  4. Construction machinery industry—processing on belt conveyors and mixing stations
  5. Agriculture and animal husbandry machinery industry-processing of threshing frame body and trailer body parts
  6. Food industry machinery-slaughter equipment frame and parts processing
  7. High and low voltage tower parts processing
  8. Wind power equipment—processing of parts on the stairs and pedals on the wind power tower
  9. Machining-processing of building embedded parts/conveyor brackets and other parts that play a role in connection
  10. Grain machinery-grain and oil equipment, starch equipment support, shell, small parts processing
  11. Railway wagon/car, crane parts processing
  12. Channel steel, square steel, round steel, H steel, I-beam and other steel cutting, punching, bending

What is a Ironworker Machine?

An ironworker Machine is a machine tool equipment that integrates metal cutting, punching, plate shearing, bending, and other functions. It has the advantages of simple operation, low energy consumption, and low maintenance cost. It is a modern manufacturing industry (such as metallurgy, metallurgy Bridge, telecommunications, electric power, military, and other sectors) metal processing equipment of choice. Ironworker Machine is divided into Hydraulic Ironworker Machine and Mechanical Ironworker Machine.

The press brake generally adopts a special CNC system for the bending machine. The coordinate axis of the bending machine has been changed from a single axis is developed to 12 axes, and the numerical control system can automatically realize the sliding depth control, the left and proper tilt adjustment of the sliding block, the front and back adjustment of the back stopper, the left and right adjustment, the pressure tonnage adjustment and the slider approaching speed adjustment so and on.

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Use Case Of Ironworker Machine

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