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What is V grooving machine ?

V grooving machine is extremely useful in precision works and bending of corners to maintain the edges. Bending of metals and alloys utilizing V groover machines allow for it to be folded to a tight radius or sharp corners. Depending on the thickness of the material and the type of fold required, the V grooving cutting machine cutting head will run a programmed number of times along the sheet material.

At Hycules, we employ precision V grooving machines which aid in the improvement of precision. Our sheet metal grooving machine provides sharp bends, radii, and corners, while additionally reducing material, transportation, and installation costs.

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V Groove machining is primarily used to facilitate the bending or folding of various materials and creates a V-shaped cut or channel along the surface of a material. This cut along the fold line acts as a hinge, allowing the product to achieve 90-degree bends with relatively small bending radii. The V-grooving is also known as score-folding, V-cutting, and back-scoring.

Its working table is larger and easier to work. The knife is facing a platform 1.5 meters wide and more than 4 meters long. More things need to be controlled, so the accuracy is lower. Therefore, it is very difficult to control the accuracy in the range of 0.1 mm. When the horizontal CNC V grooving machine is working, the gantry and the tool holder move back and forth together. Its weight is about 1000kg. Therefore, the horizontal V grooving machine’s energy consumption is more than 10 times that of the vertical V grooving machine.

A horizontal V groover machine is suitable for slotting large sheet metal. After longitudinally planning the slot, the plate cannot be clamped horizontally because of deformation. So, it cannot be able to horizontal gouging. The horizontal V groover machine’s working table is welded by a common iron plate. Stainless steel sheets are harder than they are. Long-term use can make the table potholes and make the table bumpy. That’s the reason for the spots on the processed products.

The V groove cutting machine is composed of 3+1 axis CNC servo control, hydraulic clamping system, electrical control system, and main steel frame.

1. CNC servo drive system

The CNC V grooving machine is 4 axes control, the X-axis, Y1 axis, Y2 axis, Z-axis. high positioning accuracy, All motors are controlled by servo motors.

X-axis system
The X-axis system is composed of E21320 servo motor, timing belt, timing wheel, ball screw, linear guide rail, back gauge rack, clamping tools, etc parts. The motor drives the ball screw and back gauge rack to make a rectilinear motion on the guide rail, and provide the accurate positioning power for the back gauge mechanism.
Y-axis system
The Y1, Y2 axis system of this equipment is composed of 1KW AC servo motor, timing belt, timing wheel, ball screw, mobile clamp, and other parts. Its function is that the motor moves linearly on the linear guide by driving the ball screw with the power to achieve accurate positioning of the V-groove.
Z-axis system
The Z-axis system is composed of C20604 servo motor, timing belt, timing wheel, ball screw, cutter holder, and so on. Its function is to drive the ball screw and cutter seat makes rectilinear motion through timing belt and timing wheel and provides precise positioning power for the tool holder.
2. Hydraulic system

The Hydraulic system is divided into two groups, and the pneumatic system if part of the back gauge. Its function is to provide clamping force and tightly holding plate before grooving.

3. Electrical control system

The electrical control system is composed of PLC, actuator, touch screen, an electric control element, an electrical cabinet, etc. The electrical board is installed on the inside of the machine for easy maintenance and strong protection. Through the control of the system, all work of this equipment can be realized.

4. Main steel frame

Hycules CNC V grooving machine is compact in structure, reliable in performance, easy operation, no deformation forever. It is wholly welded by steel to eliminate internal stress by vibration aging so that our machine is better in strength, rigidity, and stability than the same products at home and abroad.

  1. Small bending force requirement for bending the workpiece.
  2. A small bending radius of the workpiece.
  3. Small color changes at the bend round edges of the workpiece.
  4. Small straightness errors of the bend round edges of the narrow long workpiece.
  5. The V Grooving Machine adopts a general mold to bend the workpiece with a complicated or enclosed cross-section.
  6. According to different processing jobs, the speed of the CNC V grooving machine can be selected.
  7. The sheet metal grooving machine uses square alloy blades and has four cutting edges, which ensure the accuracy and greatly reduce tool change time.

The vertical CNC V grooving machine’s working table is narrow. The planer is fixed in a straight line position to the working table. Variable factors can be well-controlled, so the distance accuracy from the tooltip to the table can be controlled in the range of 0.02mm. When the vertical CNC V grooving machine is working, the tool holder part moves back and forth. Its weight is about 60 kg.

Vertical V groover machines have a dozen separate pressing plates and more than fourteen independent clamps for automatic clamping. Plates of all sizes can be processed. What’s more, the vertical V groover machine both can do horizontal and vertical grooves. The minimum workpiece size is 8mm*8mm. The vertical sheet metal grooving machine’s work surface is high-quality mold steel which through overall heat treatment after a grinder refined. Its surface fineness achieves the effect of the mirror. Therefore, the processed products are clean and smooth.

  • The V groover machine adopts a platform-type double guide rail structure, and the beam runs more smoothly. The blades holder processes the plate by moving left and right, back and forth, which can ensure the accuracy of each part of the groove depth.
  • The V groove cutting machine adopts air cooling without environmental pollution, three + 1 axis CNC servo control, and fully automatic operation and processing, improving the precision of gouging.
  • The CNC V grooving machine is welded with steel plates, which has strong shock resistance, eliminates internal stress through vibration aging, has good stability, and is rusted by sandblasting on the sheet metal grooving machine, and sprayed with anti-rust paint. The whole machine is processed on a CNC floor-type boring and milling machine, which ensures the parallelism and perpendicularity of each mounting surface.
  • The V grooving machine uses high-speed and precise gear racks, ball screws with large pitches, and high-precision, linear guides. The main shaft system is driven by a high torque servo motor and an imported star reducer. Makes the tool holder more stable and fast when processing the workpiece.
  • The numerical control program design is reasonable and easy to master, which can be completed only by inputting the keyboard and processing program. According to the different materials, the knob can be used to adjust the processing speed for the convenience of the operator.
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