Hycules CNC Pro series press brake machine is the representative work of our electro-hydraulic press brakemachine. lt is loved by customers for its powerful functions and super-high cost performance.

The backgauge is driven by digital AC servo motors, precision ball screw and linear guide, all from the first-brandline.The bending accuracy is guaranteed by the electro-hydraulic servo system, full closed-loop controlsynchronization and hydraulic crowning system. The overall frame is welded with steel plate, tempered andvibrated again to eliminate stress, and sprayed with anti-rust paint after spraying the surface of the frame.


Features and Configurations
High Precision

With electro-hydraulic servo system, full closed-loop control synchronization, and

hydraulic crowning system to guarantee.

Wise to Control

2D programming & 3D simulating bending sequence.

Powerful Functions

With the crowning system, one-touch release clamps, offline software, multi-functional pedal switch, rear photoelectric protection, etc.

User Friendly

Ergonomic and user-friendly design for less fatigue in opera.


DA-69T Controller

The DA-69T offers 2D as well as 3D programming that includesautomatic bend sequence calculation and collision detection.Full3D machine set-up with multiple tool stations giving true feedback on the product feasibility and handling.

We provide a variety of controller options to match different needs and provide the best solution for your production.


Rigid Frame construction

Hycules applies SOLIDWORKS and CAD modeling for precise tolerances in their machine frame structure, and uses CAE, ANSYS, SOLIDWORKS for linear static analysis. The press brake machine’s foundation is a strong steel monolithic frame.

Proportional Control

German Bosch Rexroth integrated”hydraulic system block”,hydraulic transmission with high reliability ,integrated hydraulic system can effectively alleviate the problem caused byleakage of hydraulic fluid.

Linear Encoder Feedback

The deformation is measured accuratelyand compensated by feedback method.The accuracy can be achieved uM level.

Crowning System

The stress can cause the ram and worktable some deformation during the process of bending; the CNC crowning can make relevant compensation to the ram deformation, which improves the precision pf press brake by a wide margin. It is specially applied to make some high precision products such as stainless steel. 


Backgauge Axis

Up to 6-axis controlling CNC backgauge guarantees flexible bending as per customers’ requirements. High accuracy with precision ball screws and linear guide.

  • 2-Axis CNC BackGaugeBGA-2 for X, R-Axis
  • 4-Axis CNC BackGaugeBGA-4 for X R, Z1, and Z2-Axis
  • 5-Axis CNC BackGaugeBGA-5 for X R, Delta X, Z1, Z2-Axis
  • 6-Axis CNC BackGaugeBGA-6 for X1 X2, R1 R2, Z1 Z2-Axis
2-Axis CNC BackGauge
The basics: X-R axes

A press brake is equipped with a backgauge, a motorized structure to which backstops (also called “fingers”) are attached. By resting the metal sheet to the fingers, we determine the bending line. Movement of the backgauge along the machine depth (i.e. perpendicular to the ram) is called X axis. Vertical movement is called R axis, and is useful when we have profiles with multiple bends.

4-Axis CNC BackGauge
Working with bending stations or different lengths: Z1-Z2 axes

Back gauge fingers are at least 2 in order to keep the piece in position. Their repositioning is usually manual, but can be motorized to facilitate working with bending statons or with pieces of different lengths. Movement is along the Z axis (parallel to the bending line), hence each of the backstops is named Z1, Z2, etc.

6-Axis CNC BackGauge
Conical bends or edges with different depths: X5-X6 axes

With Z1-Z2 axes we can only bend parallel to the backstop fingers. In order to make conical bends we need to bring one of the fingers closer or farther to the bending line, that is along the X axis. We can either use a manual movement, or a CNC-controlled motorized positioning. Axes are called X5 and X6. X5-X6 axes are useful also if you have sheet edges at different depths.

Multifunctional Pedal Switch

Hycules has upgraded the pedal switch to a new generation, with a single switch design,front-mounted rollers, emergency stop switch, and return button, all for easier and smarteroperation.

One-key Release Fast Clamp

The one-key release fast clamp could ensure the safe and fast punch changing, with strictquality requirements and procurement standards of raw materials, which keeps the punchfrom falling out.

Motorized Crowning

The motorized crowning system provides precise crowning and fine adjustment. Longer parts can be bent precisely, efficiently and remain parallel with each run.

Safety Light Curtain

The light curtain, Hycules chooses is from the well-known brands, with perfectperformance to offer a highly effective solution for both operator safety and machineproductivity.

Laser Protection

The DSP laser protection with 3 modes comprehensively protects the personal safety of the operators and maintains the high level of the productivity of the Hycules press brake.

WILA Hydraulic Clamping System

supporting tools of press brake machine for many years,and its quality and supporting tools of press brake machine for many years,and its quality and service are trustworthy.

Sheet Follower

The Hycule press brake with sheet follower for bending long and thin sheets. lt places on the front of the press brake at the height of the bending line.

Robotic Arm

The use of robotic arms on the Hycules press brake machine will be more productive and more efficient, It is another powerful driver in embracingautomation technology.
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