Crowning Table The Secret of Higher Bending Accuracy

Crowning Method Classification ln order to eliminate the adverse effects of slider deformation, the deflection deformation of the slider needs to becompensated. The usual Crowning method is divided into mechanical Crowning and hydraulic Crowning. Table hydraulic automatic deflection Crowning mechanism, which is composed of a set of cylinders installed in the lower table, the position and size of each Crowning cylinder is designed according to the slider, table finite element analysis of the deflection Crowning curve, hydraulic Crowning is through the relative displacement between the front, middle and back of the three vertical plates to achieve the neutral version of the bump Crowning. the principle is through the elastic deformation of the steel plate itself to achieve the bump, so its Crowning The amount of Crowning can be adjusted within the elastic range of the table. The mechanical Crowning table is composed of a set of convex inclined wedges with bevels, and each convex wedge is designed according to the deflection curve of the slider and table FEA. The CNC system calculates the required Crowning amount according to the magnitude of the load force (which will cause deflection deformation of the slider and table plate) during bending, and automatically controls the relative movement of the raised wedges to effectively compensate for the deflection deformation of the slider and table plate, thus obtaining the ideal mechanical deflection Crowning for the bent workpiece by controlling the position of the “pre-bumping “.by a set of wedges in the table length direction to form a curve with the actual deflection, so that the gap between the upper and lower tooling in the bending consistent, to ensure that the bending workpiece in the length direction of the same angle. Mechanical Crowning Classification According to the control mode, it can be divided into electric Crowning and manual Crowning. Electric Crowning through the system control for automatic Crowning; manual Crowning through manual adjustment Crowning. According to the direction of adjustment, it can be divided into one-way adjustment and two-way adjustment. One-way adjustment: automatic or manual adjustment in Y direction; two-way adjustment: automatic or manual adjustment in Y direction and manual adjustment in ¡Á direction. According to the adjustment method, it can be divided into a scale nut, hand crank, and motor. According to the width of the table, it can be divided into narrow type and wide type.Generally narrow type table isequipped with 1V.2V.4V concentric lower die; generally a wide type table is equipped with muti-V lower die. f youneed to match 1V,2V,4v molds, you need to match the mould drag. Learn more about shearing machines, bending machines, and other sheet metal equipment. For the best price, please contact us. Fengli Machinery Group Machine) Work) Work) (Industrial Blades)

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