Multifunctional Pedal Switch For CNC Press Brake Machine

The pedal switch offers the perfect solution for press brake machine operation.They make it easier for the machine operation.The designand function are accordingly geared to ensuring the safe, reliable, and low-risk operation of press brake machines. The pedal switch improves the safety of the press brake machine and the operator in machine control, and the ergonomic size reduces thefatigue of machine operation and greatly improves efficiency and convenience. HARSLE has also upgraded the pedal switch to a new generation, and now we shallook at it together. Single switch design, the slider goes down immediately after stepping on it, simplifying the operation. Front mounted rollers for easy and convenient movement. Emergency stop switch, emergency braking in any situation, safe and efficient. Return button, press this switch, and the slider will return immediately in any position, more in line with the humanized design. Learn more about shearing machines, bending machines, and other sheet metal equipment. For the best price, please contact us. Fengli Machinery Group Machine) Work) Work) (Industrial Blades)

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