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Hycules is an experienced manufacturer of CNC  machinery and we offer a wide selection of hydraulic press brakes.Pro type is the top level machine which usually has the 2D program function and 4-axis or 6-axis backgauge system, the most choice of the controller will be DA-69T and DA-66T. Lite type will come with DELEM Controller like DA-58T and DA-53T which will have the 2-axis or 1-axis backgauge system. Eco type is the torsion-bar NC Press brake machine which is the economic option for startups.We have different press brake for sale and you can contact us to get an immediate quote.


Industry Solutions

Automobile industry

Kitchen industry

Cabinet industry

Elevator industry

Light pole industry

Door industry

Structure Details

Rigid Frame construction

Hycules applies SOLIDWORKS and CAD modeling for precise tolerances in their machine frame structure, and uses CAE, ANSYS, SOLIDWORKS for linear static analysis. The press brake machine’s foundation is a strong steel monolithic frame.

Proportional Control

German Bosch Rexroth integrated”hydraulic system block”,hydraulic transmission with high reliability ,integrated hydraulic system can effectively alleviate the problem caused byleakage of hydraulic fluid.

Linear Encoder Feedback

The deformation is measured accuratelyand compensated by feedback method.The accuracy can be achieved uM level.


Crowning System

The stress can cause the ram and worktable some deformation during the process of bending; the CNC crowning can make relevant compensation to the ram deformation, which improves the precision pf press brake by a wide margin. It is specially applied to make some high precision products such as stainless steel. 

Backgauge Axis

Up to 6-axis controlling CNC backgauge guarantees flexible bending as per customers’ requirements. High accuracy with precision ball screws and linear guide.

  • 2-Axis CNC BackGaugeBGA-2 for X, R-Axis
  • 4-Axis CNC BackGaugeBGA-4 for X R, Z1, and Z2-Axis
  • 5-Axis CNC BackGaugeBGA-5 for X R, Delta X, Z1, Z2-Axis
  • 6-Axis CNC BackGaugeBGA-6 for X1 X2, R1 R2, Z1 Z2-Axis
2-Axis CNC BackGauge
The basics: X-R axes

A press brake is equipped with a backgauge, a motorized structure to which backstops (also called “fingers”) are attached. By resting the metal sheet to the fingers, we determine the bending line. Movement of the backgauge along the machine depth (i.e. perpendicular to the ram) is called X axis. Vertical movement is called R axis, and is useful when we have profiles with multiple bends.

4-Axis CNC BackGauge
Working with bending stations or different lengths: Z1-Z2 axes

Back gauge fingers are at least 2 in order to keep the piece in position. Their repositioning is usually manual, but can be motorized to facilitate working with bending statons or with pieces of different lengths. Movement is along the Z axis (parallel to the bending line), hence each of the backstops is named Z1, Z2, etc.

6-Axis CNC BackGauge
Conical bends or edges with different depths: X5-X6 axes

With Z1-Z2 axes we can only bend parallel to the backstop fingers. In order to make conical bends we need to bring one of the fingers closer or farther to the bending line, that is along the X axis. We can either use a manual movement, or a CNC-controlled motorized positioning. Axes are called X5 and X6. X5-X6 axes are useful also if you have sheet edges at different depths.

Delem Controller

Delem is a well-known manufacturer of industrial controllers for press brakes, machines used in metalworking to bend and shape sheet metal. The Delem controller is an electronic control system that manages and automates the operation of a press brake.


The technical field of nc press brake specifically relates to a bending machine torsion shaft synchronization device. The torsion shaft synchronization device includes a synchronous torsion shaft, a swing arm connected to both ends of the synchronous torsion shaft, and a connecting rod connected to the swing arm.One end of the swing arm is movably connected with the synchronous torsion shaft, the other end of the swing arm is movably connected with the connecting rod, the bottom end of the connecting rod is provided with a swing arm pier, and a slider reinforcement is provided below the swing arm pier.

Ribs, the slider reinforcement ribs are arranged inside the slider and support the slider. The two ends of the synchronous torsion shaft can move synchronously, so that the two ends of the slider can move up and down synchronously to meet the requirements of its balance. The torsion axis servo bending machine has the characteristics of reasonable design, simple assembly adjustment, easy parts processing, and improved product quality.

The cnc press brake does not need to take special measures during the return (up) trip. In the fast-forward phase of the descending stroke, on the basis of parallel synchronization, two one-way throttle valves are used to eliminate the deviation caused by factors such as manufacturing quality, leakage, etc., and to ensure the downward movement with a certain synchronization accuracy.

When it enters the work advancement stage but has not touched the workpiece, two correction plunger cylinders installed on the workbench are used for further synchronization correction. Imagine that one side first comes into contact with the correction plunger, and the larger correction force slows down or stops the movement of that side until the other side catches up and contacts the correction post hydraulic and pneumatic plugs at the same time.

The correction force can be set by the overflow valve and read by the pressure gauge. Practice has shown that the synchronization effect is very obvious, this is because various asynchrony factors can be ignored compared with the correction force. In order to make full use of the capacity of the machine, the overflow valve 3 should be unloaded after a period of time.

The design principle for both machines is different, it results in the different synchronous structures on both sides of the ram. 
The ram parallelism will affect the workpiece accuracy. The NC Press brake synchronization is kept mechanically and it has no real time feedback for the error, what is more, it can not adjust by itself and will cause the low bending accuracy.
Working speed
For the press brake, we are always talking about three speeds: Down speed, working speed and return speed. 
Mechanic rigidity
Because of its design, NC press brake can not bend by partial load. If it is working like this for long time, the torsion-bar will deform easily.
Crowning system
For most NC press brakes, it will not come with the crowning system as standard. The operator needs to adjust the bending angle manually before bending the official product. It will take a long time and waste material; it will also be difficult to make the product in a very precise way.

The press brake machine is widely used for the steel sheet metal processing, mostly they will be used in the following fields:
Decoration industry
The CNC press brake machine will be used for bending the stainless-steel elevator, steel door and frame, steel windows and skirting line. Sometimes we will use the CNC V grooving machine after bending to get the perfect bending angles.
Electric industry
The press brake plays an important role in the production of electric cabinet. After the steel sheet cut by the shearing machine, we will use the press brake machine to bend them into different size of the cabinet by different types of the punch and die. The segmented tooling is also the necessary part during the production, especially for the left and right horns of the punch, it is vital to form the box in the final stage.
Kitchen industry
Most of the kitchen devices are made of stainless steel, we need to use the press brake to bend them into different shapes before the final product is finished. Mostly we will use the CNC Press brake with different punch and die, like gooseneck punch and 2V die by segments. We can also use this machine to make the HVAC and other related products.
Automobile and ship industry
In this field, large capacity press brake and CNC press brake will be widely used and it as higher requirement for the bending accuracy and efficiency.
Aerospace industry
High precision is generally required in this industry, because the product which produced by CNC Press brake is the key part for the final product and the bending tolerance should be within the acceptable range.
Hycules has many customers in this field and they are all satisfied with our press brake.

The press brake price depends on the machine capacity, configurations, optional devices, degree of automation, axis quantity, controller difference, etc. Here we will give you a brief introduction about how much the Hycules press brake cost:
Eco press brake
This is the most economic press brake among Hycules Products. This is widely accepted by startups and new operators. Its price starts from USD 3,500; when the bending capacity and bending length are more, the price will increase accordingly. This type of press brake is equipped with X and Y axis, and its operation will be much easier than other high-level machines. Hycules will use the E21 controller as the standard for the cheapest level; customers can also upgrade it to DELEM DA-41S, TP10S, and CT8 controllers; compared with E21, these controllers can program the bending angle for fast bending purposes, but they are all torsion-bar structure.
Lite press brake
This is the second level in Hycules press brake. It will be upgraded from a torsion-bar structure into an electro-hydraulic type. The controller will be smarter and more functional. There will be two proportional valves on the top of two cylinders and two linear scales on each side of the machine’s vertical plate. The linear encoder can detect the distance between the cylinder and the table for each side and give feedback to the CNC controller; when the controller gets the signal, it will send the signal to the proportional valve to control the movement of the cylinder. They will be a closed-loop system.
When discussing the press brake, we will also think more about the back-gauge axis. The press brake price varies by the quantity of the axis. Actually, if you want to add one more axis, the price will be USD2,000-USD2,500 more. The Lite press brake can support a Maximum 4+1 axis and X+R axis for the back gauge.
For the controller, we will mostly recommend DA-52S, DA53T, DA-58T from DELEM or CT 8PS, CT12 from CYBELEC, or S530, S630 from ESA.
For details, please consult our sales, and we will provide you with a specific quotation.This is the highest level in Hycules press brake; this will be chosen by most professional companies or customers who have high requirements on the fabrication process, like the aerospace industry and automobile industry. The axis will be upgraded into like 6+1 axis or 8+1 axis, and the controller will support 3D simulation or 3D programming; it will largely optimize the bending process; the offline software will be a helpful tool to boost productivity, and this software will be for free. Actually, the Pro press brake price will be 1.5 times higher than the Lite press brake, but if the customer chooses other configurations, the price will increase accordingly.
For details, please consult our sales, and we will provide you with a specific quotation.

A press brake is a simple machine with a lot of accessories that can connect to it. There are a number of things that you should consider when you want to purchase a press brake.
Energy Consumption
Angle Controls
and so forth.
For details, please consult our sales, and we will provide you with professional advice.

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