Hycules CNC Tandem Press Brake

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Product Description

The Hycules Tandem CNC Press brakes use two same models of press brake united for bending longer sheet, especially over 8m length; 2 machines can be bent independently for high productivity short metal bending, it uses the same controller with synchro technology; with different models can also be united with tandem options, one big press bending thick&larger parts, one small press bending thin&small profiles, it can work together bending longer parts with reasonable design on 2 different size machines.

The CNC-tandem press brake consists of two bending machines synchronized in a double operation. The machines can work together or independently; the front and rear pushing devices are designed for large workpieces, reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency.

The machine consists of a table slider and left and right plates. Two cylinders are mounted on the left and right sides of the machine. The hydraulic system drives the ram downwards under the action of the electrical operating system. The ram is equipped with an upper die, which when in contact with the workpiece, exerts pressure to shape the workpiece.


  • From low-production, high-variable job shops to fabricators with a more dedicated process, tandem brakes can be the ideal tool, but it is all about the application. When thinking about adding tandem brakes, consider the following advantages.
  • Flexibility. Tandem brakes allow you to provide flexibility to your customers by offering a one-stop shop for various parts. For instance, if a job shop has two 500-ton, 20-foot brakes operating in tandem, it can produce a part up to 40 ft. long and employ both machines independently to double output for parts 20 ft. or less in length.
  • As business conditions change, job shops must be agile and often take on various jobs. Tandem brakes offer the flexibility to keep future business options open.


Optional Control System


2-Axis CNC BackGauge
4-Axis CNC BackGauge
6-Axis CNC BackGauge

Standard Equipment

Schneider Electric

Siemens Main Motor

Servo Motor

Fast Clamps

Front Support

Proportional Valve

Rexroth Valve

EMB Pipe Connector

Sunny Oil Pump

Linear Guide and Ball Screw

Light Curtain Protection

Kacon Foot Switch

Security Fence

Stainless Steel Tank

Z Stopper

Fagor Linear Encoder

NOK Sealing Rings

Punches and Dies

Optional Equipment

Manual Upper Tool Clamping


•Safe and fast tool change
•Can be used without modifying Europe type punches
•Front clamp – vertical tool change
•Rear clamp – horizontal tool change

WILA Hydraulic Clamping System


• Hydraulic power source
• Quick clamping for Europe style tooling
• Simple push-button loading
•Easy reversibility of tools
•Quick clamping for the dies

Italy DSP Laser Protection


•CLASS 1 Dual Block laser
•Fast response time
•Safety speed is automatically monitored
•Stopping distance automatically monitored

Hybrid Servo ECO Function


•Hybrid Ecological Function
•Accuracy is available in any position.
•Up to 35% energy efficiency compared to •conventional systems.

Motorized Movadle Z Stopper

Robotic Arm

Sheet Follower

Cooling System

Special Dies

Tool Cabinet

Product Show

Sheet Metal Bending Machine Technical Parameter​

ModelBending Pressure(kn)Bending Length(mm) Column Distance(mm)Throat Depth(mm)Slider Stroke(mm)Max. Opening Height(mm)Y1,Y2-axis Down Speed(mm / sec)Y1,Y2-axis Back Stroke Speed(mm / sec)Y1,Y2-axis (Mm/m)X-axis Max.Distance(mm)Workpiece Linear Degree(Mm/m) Back Gauge Positioning Accuracy(Mm/m)Back Gauge Repeat Positioning Accuracy (Mm/m) Main Motor(kw) Length* Width* Height(mm)Weight(T)
50T/1600500160012502051605402301400.01600≥ 0.150.02mm0.01mm42200*1450*21553.9
80T/2500800250020003501705702301400.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm7.53220*1780*26505.8
100T/2500100250020004102005702201400.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm7.53240*1780*26807.8
100T/32001000320027004102005702201400.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm7.54030*1780*26808
100T/40001000400035004102005702201400.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm7.54830*1780*27809.8
110T/32001100320027004102005702201400.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm7.54030*1780*26808.3
110T/40001100400035004102005702201400.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm7.54830*1780*278010
125T/32001250320027004102005702001400.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm114030*1790*27508.8
125T/40001250400035004102005702001400.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm114830*1780*285011
135T/32001350320027004102005702001400.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm114030*1790*27509
135T/40001350400035004102005702001400.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm114830*1790*285011.2
160T/32001600320027004102005702001400.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm114050*1800*273010
160T/40001600400035004102005702001400.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm114700*1800*283012.2
160T/5000160050004100410200570160900.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm115700*1800*308015.5
160T/6000160060005100410200570160900.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm156700*1800*318018.5
175T/32001750320027004102005701601400.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm114050*1800*273010.2
175T/40001750400035004102005701601400.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm114700*1800*283012.1
175T/5000160050004100410200570160900.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm115700*1800*308015.8
175T/6000160060005100410200570160900.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm156700*1800*318018.8
200T/32002000320027004102005701601400.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm154020*1850*285012
200T/40002000400035004102005701601400.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm154820*1850*310014
200T/5000200050004100410200570160900.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm155820*1850*325018.5
200T/6000200060005100410200570160900.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm156820*1850*335023
210T/32002100320027004102005701601400.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm154020*1850*285012.3
210T/40002100400035004102005701601400.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm154820*1850*310014.3
210T/5000210050004100410200570130900.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm155820*1850*325018.8
210T/6000210060005100410200570130900.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm156820*1850*335023.5
250T/32002500320027004102504201601400.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm18.53500*1700*335015.5
250T/40002500400035004102506201601400.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm18.54500*1700*335018
250T/5000250050004100410250620130900.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm18.55500*1700*335019
250T/6000250060005100410250620130900.01600≥ 0.150.05mm0.01mm18.56500*1700*335022
320T/32003200320027004503006701501300.01600≥ 0.20.05mm0.01mm223500*1700*335019
320T/40003200400035004503006701501300.01600≥ 0.20.05mm0.01mm224500*1700*335021
320T/5000320050004100450300670130900.01600≥ 0.20.05mm0.01mm225500*1700*335023
320T/6000320060005100450300670130900.01600≥ 0.20.05mm0.01mm226500*1700*335025
400T/32004000320027005003006701501300.01600≥ 0.20.05mm0.01mm303500*1700*335021
400T/40004000400035005003006701501300.01600≥ 0.20.05mm0.01mm304500*1700*335023
400T/5000400050004100500300670130900.01600≥ 0.20.05mm0.01mm305500*1700*335025
400T/6000500060005100500300670130900.01600≥ 0.20.05mm0.01mm306500*1700*335027
500T/40005000400035005003006701501300.01600≥ 0.20.05mm0.01mm304500*1900*335042
500T/5000500050004100500300670130900.01600≥ 0.20.05mm0.01mm305500*1900*335047
500T/6000500060005100500300670130900.01600≥ 0.20.05mm0.01mm306500*1900*335055
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