Hycules Folding Machines

This folding machine is usually divided into three types: hydraulic, pneumatic, and manual, to meet the needs of different types of customers. Hycules supply all types of folding machines.


The hydraulic bending machine is a sheet metal folding machine that is fit for rectangular HVAC duct production. A CNC screen could adjust it. Usually is used in the thicker folding work; we offer different widths and thicknesses up to 3mm According to customer requirements.

Pneumatic bending/ folding machines can be used to shape metal sheets into boxes and pans in various sizes. Also used for ventilation, cases, trays, kitchen, and furniture. Consumers can choose the machine according to the metal sheets’ material thickness and processing width. There is a light type, a heavy type, and a traditional type; Each type can provide different widths to be selected. We can do any model, non-standard products according to the customer’s special requirement.

The manual bending machine is of all-steel welded construction. Simple construction with a good appearance. It is easy to operate, with low energy consumption. Our hand folders are of many types and incorporate all the outstanding features. The advantage is that both its up and down movements can be adjusted. They can process workpieces according to the customer’s requirement and fold sheets into a box/pan with four sides. Hand folders are suitable for duct making, metal box forming, and pan processing and can be used on-site. They are in great demand worldwide for their light design, economical use, and efficiency. They are the perfect equipment for all occasions.



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