Hycules Standard Press Brake Tooling Punch and Die

Hycules Machinery Co., Ltd belongs to Fengli Machinery Group.Fengli owns an industrial blade manufacturing factory–Henreser. We provide custom blades for equipment customers.

There is no need to worry about tools when purchasing Hycules machines; we provide various mold customization services.

Standard bender tools are used to machine the shape of an object by changing the physical state of the material being formed. 42CrMo is a high-strength alloy tempered steel with high strength and toughness and can work below 500 degrees.

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Press brake tooling and Dies. It is a tool used by the bending machine to form and process sheet metal.

This tool consists of various parts, and different molds consist of different parts.

It mainly realizes the processing of the article’s shape by changing the formed material’s physical state.

A tool used to make a blank into a specific shape and size under the pressure of a bending machine.

We can supply various kinds of press brake tooling clamps. The main two types are the normal type and the fast type.

We also can supply hydraulic clamps. In addition to the rapid clamping of the bending machine mold,

it has the function of preventing the clamping of the mold and adjusting the uniform force of the mold.



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