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Pneumatic TDF Folding Machine

Pneumatic TDF bending/ folding machines can be used to shape metal sheets into boxes and pans in various sizes. Also used for ventilation, cases, trays, kitchen, and furniture. Consumers can choose the machine according to the metal sheets’ material thickness and processing width.

Pneumatic TDF folding machine is very important for duct production, The weight and the volume of the device itself is not large, and this machine is very easy to move to anywhere, that means it can work anywhere.

This pneumatic TDF folding machine has 5 features:

  • 1. the structure of the pneumatic folding machine is simple and easy for operation.
  • 2. the biggest advantage is that the upper and lower dies can be adjusted by the tool of the panel.
  • 3. This machine can be processed different size workpiece, also, the machine can produce one of four sides and one bottom.
  • 4. the machine is light, easy for moving. also, it is typical of energy- saving, high efficiency.
  • 5. the machine is one of the essential machines of the lines for duct forming line.


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